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The service provider of choice in solution making.

Who Are We

BAVO Systems Limited (BSL) is a wholly Zambian owned company incorporated in 2019 and domiciled in Lusaka, ZAMBIA. Despite being a young incorporation, BSL boasts of experienced, talented, and multidisciplinary professionals in business intelligence (BI), management systems for transport and logistics enterprises, health & safety, bulk petroleum wet and dry inventory management.

Our Mission

Our team of experts is the hallmark of what we do. The BAVO Systems Limited was established on the philosophy that teamwork overcomes all manner of challenges in solution making. Well-developed internal and external synergies with all stakeholders are our confidence in delivering “on point cost effective service” assuring our customers value for money.

What We Do

Our -4 Core Values


Respect For Each Other

Gender, ethnicity, education, knowledge, religion; diversity is humanity. Respect for people and humanity, means respect for others’ welfare, safety, and the environment.


It is the essence and fundamental principle of enterprise sustainability and growth.


This means every individual has their own unique place in a team. BAVO is an efficient machine with all its intricate bits and pieces of members finely synchronized.

Customer Centricity

At BSL customer is king; it is the reason we exist. Everything we do, is controlled by the customer’s needs.

Why Choose Us?

As a service-based enterprise, we respect the fact that our very survival entirely depends on the continuous growth and sustainability of the client’s business. Therefore, we have chosen to focus on helping the customer to stay afloat, not only during calm business environments, but also in turbulent times. By demonstrating the efficiency and resilience embodied in a system-based business approach, we have quickly gained loyalty and trust in a market we believe we are the pioneers.

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